information rights activist knowhowsusi reports: inhalt
die idealisten mutieren zu den exemplarischen
boesen auf level 2013. New heroines from germany
fight back the evil |
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The reporters from Media Pax

redwomande PETITION

rebell media " redwoman hit DP and escaped the show, attention
killer umberto looks after her
" bad girl PR
IRVAN and soundassistence
PINKY have been desarticulated by Redwoman duri ng the shooting of a scene ....
spread totally opposite news:„ Red woman was kidnapped
from the show.
oficial media

oficial MEDIA PAX radios shouts :
“call number 2013 it doesn´t
pay to rebel “
good girl PR



Manager of MediaPAx: stylish,no name yuppy manipulating the shareholder values  with his propaganda crew  and new show tactics

The embodiement of modern dictatorship


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